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An important element for the Italian fascist regime was the promotion of the victories in football by the media as vindication of the regime. The control of media by the Fascists ensured that victories in football would project as victories of unity and Italian national identity. Football successes had considered as vindication for the Fascism and that only Fascism would able to lead Italian nation towards glory. The press and radio became tools of the Fascist propaganda and during the era of Fascism in Italy they established a national broadcasting company. Newspapers were at this time the primary tools of the regime that were expressing the ideals of fascism and they were promoting the single national identity. The expressive body of Fascist regime was the “Gazzetta dello Sport” In this newspaper was written exactly what the regime wanted, based on regime’s militaristic beliefs and fascist ideals. In 1938 France hosted World Cup and when the national team won the second successive title, “Gazzetta dello Sport” and generally the media compared this victory with military conquest and that this second World Cup was the confirmation of fascist supremacy in international level. (Article: Football and Fascism – The creation of Italy’s Serie A by Andrew Lawless, August 2005)