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A club that was founded during the Fascist era in Italy was Fiorentina. Football teams of Florence city had failed until this time to make people to feel unity under one and strong Florence team. So based on Fascists policy to create a strong football team in each Italian city AC Fiorentina was founded in 26 of August 1926. The merger of the two principal Florentine teams achieved the sport renaissance in Florence city. The creation of single identity via strong football team revitalized the city and put Florence on the Italian sporting map. Calcio fiorentino or Florentine football transformed and Florence achieved to have a football club that was able to compete the other Italian teams in a new national league. (Football and Fascism: The national game under Mussolini, Martin S., p.141-142)

However the Roman club S.S. Lazio had Fascist origin and close relationships with the Fascist regime of Benito Mussolini. Societá sportiva (S.S.) Lazio was founded in 1900 by Italian army officers, so the club had militaristic ideals and when Fascists came to power gave assistance for militarization of society. The club fans the Irriducibili express their racist and anti-Semitic feelings that indicate the fascist beliefs of Roman club. When Lazio plays against clubs with left-wing beliefs they shout fascist slogans and until today they use flags with Nazi’s swastika and fascist symbolisms. Also some connected the name of club S.S. (which means societá sportiva) with the Nazis S.S. as a result of the club’s fascist beliefs. Beliefs that are strongly connected with a kind of clear Italian race and exclusion of blacks and Jews players from the team. The Lazio ultras Irriducibili had the fear that Italians will become a mixing race like in England with other races in future. The former International French player Liliam Thuram pointed out the racist behavior of Lazio’s fans. When he was player of Parma, he refused to transfer in Lazio because of the Irriducibili’s racist behavior against the blacks. The fans when the opponent club belongs to left-wing ideology, they say right-wing military songs and they remember the days of Fascist dictator Benito Mussolini. Also they shout Mussolini’s title Duce in order to provoke the fans of opponent club. Irriducibili ultras are against Negros and Jews as Mussolini and Hitler when at the era of their power they were official against the “sub-humans” Negros and Jews. So this racist and anti-Semitic behavior has its origin back to the era of Fascist Italy that the Lazio’s fans feel nostalgia. (Irriducibili | BBC Documentary | Lazio Ultras, Casuals, Football Hooligans).