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1930’s was the glorious decade for Italian football. Successes of the national team increased the prestige of the fascist regime. During this period, football superiority exploited by the fascist government in order to fanaticize the masses that Italy was supreme nation. Through successes of the Italian national team, the citizens shared a sense of single national identity regardless their different forms of identification like region in the case of Italy with the rivalry between the industrialized North and underdeveloped South. Because of this rivalry within Italian nation-state, Fascist government wanted to intervene in sports with aim the promoting of national identity and unity. All the Italians connected under this emotional sense of unity and success and made them to say “we are as nation” (Sports in Society: Issues and Controversies, p.452-453).

Italy hosted and won the 1934 World Cup. Some players of Argentina and Uruguay who played in 1928 Olympics and 1930 World Cup were born from Italian emigrants. The fascists gave to these players Italian citizenship in order to be able to play in Italian national team in the next world cup of 1934. Mussolini characterized these players as repatriates. This attempt was realized in order to maximize the opportunities of national team to win the World Cup of 1934 in Italy. After 1934 Italian national team continued to have successes and maximize more the prestige of fascist regime when two years later won the football tournament in 1936 Berlin Olympics with players from Universities, something that proved the nation’s international football supremacy. Four years later in 1938, Europe was one year before the start of the Second World War. Italy as World Champion defended the title in France and won again the World Cup. So the 1930’s was the Italian decade of successes in football and also the decade when football abroad promoted as fascist game. The successes of Italy in international level indicated the correct organization of the fascist state and that Fascism succeeded to regenerate the Italian nation. During the 1930’s victories in international football was a result of regeneration of Italians based on the discipline that Fascism learned to them. (Football and Fascism: The national game under Mussolini, Martin S., p.194-197)