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During the decade of 1930 Italy appeared as a new superpower in European football challenged the English supremacy. Until 1930’s the English had considered themselves as motherland of football and as the best “football” nation. During 1930’s football matches between England and Italy were matches between the two leading football powers. The conflict in international politics between two different political systems or ideologies transferred in football field. The Fascist Italy challenged the hegemony of the Liberal Democratic England in football and the successes during 1930’s in international level was success of Fascism against the Liberal Democracy at the time when rise of Fascism constituted threat for Liberal Democratic states in Europe. That was like a political football and football stadium was another battleground between them. Also political football continued in club level, when the Italian club Bologna won the English club Chelsea in the 1937 Paris Exhibition tournament and was considered as a fascist victory over Liberal Democracy. (Europe, Sport World: Shaping Global Societies, p.246-248)