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Briefmarke_Olympia_1936_6PfThe Olympic football tournament in 1936 was proving that via football the German superiority did not appear. Germany lost 2-0 by Norway in the second round in the presence of Hitler and other key members of the Nazi regime. It was a major embarrassment for the Nazis and hurt for their prestige and obviously diminished football’s role as a propaganda tool. Without success in football Nazi regime could not do successful propaganda. Hitler-takes-in-the-actio-006This failure of national team in Berlin Olympics of 1936 led regime and Hitler to not sympathize anymore this sport. For Hitler was the first presence in football match, however the national team could not correspond in the Nazis and Hitler’s expectations. (The Hidden Social and Political History of the German Football Association (DFB), 1900-50, Udo  Merkel, p.184, Soccer and Society, Vol.1, No.2 (Summer 2000), pp.167-186)

Untitled12In 1936 also an interesting friendly match was that between Germany and Spain, two states that had ideological “kinship” because of their common fascist beliefs. When the German national team visited Spain, the Spanish were not so enthusiastic with the Germans because of their propagandistic objectives. This visiting was another attempt by the Germans to promote the Nazism or National-Socialism abroad. If the Germans would salute with their own particular way, was something that would worry the Spanish people. (Deutschland über Alles: discrimination in German football, p.756, Soccer & Society, Vol. 10, No. 6, November 2009, 754–765)