During Franco’s era football was representing by the clubs in championships organized on a regional basis. In 1936 championships took place in Catalonia, Levante and Galicia and in 1937 were carried out the Mediterranean league involving Catalan-speaking areas. During this period we didn’t have participation of the Spanish national team in any competition abroad but we had the participation of ‘national’ teams of the Basques and Catalans. In summer of 1937 Barcelona spainparticipated in international tournaments of Mexico and New York. Also in 1937 the Basques created team that they called ‘Basque Republic’ which went to play in Eastern Europe and Latin America in order to promote their regional propaganda for the prestige and projection of the Basque country as autonomous region. FIFA, the international football federation were banned them and the regime’s press condemned them as traitors. The football campaign of Athletic de Bilbao abroad with the goal to promote Basque nationalism and positive image for the Basque region led to the loss of respect by the rest of Spain. After these Basque and Catalan tours some other Spanish created the Spanish national side in order to face the propaganda of the Basque and Catalan nationalists via football tours. From both nationalist sides some players send to the exile and they were died. (Football Nationality and the State, Duke V., Crolley L., p.31-32).