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In Germany of Adolph Hitler, football did not achieve to bring successes which proved the supremacy of German people as the Aryan race. The German national team in football did not achieve to gain any international tournament during the Third Reich’s era. Football was proved inadequate in the promotion and demonstration of racial superiority of Germans. Probably one of the reasons that Nazi Germany failed in international tournaments was the intense interest of Adolph Hitler in individual sports like boxing which was sport that develop physical aggressiveness and toughen the human body. Thus Hitler gave more emphasis in individual sports because his belief that the Germans could grow up with the ideals of National-Socialism via individual physical programs that strengthen the human body. In Berlin Olympics of 1936, the German athletes won the most gold medals something that proved the great physical condition of Aryans. The Nazis established the German Reich’s Committee for Physical Exercises in 1934 in order to promote the strategic plan for the Reich’s sport. The Reich’s sport should to project the great physical condition of German athletes. So Football as sport failed to prove to the other nations the Aryan race supremacy, so the Nazis turned their attention in other sports through which they were able to prove their dominance as nation and prepare the nation for the Second World War. Also the exclusion of Jews from any sport activity was a significant point during the Nazis era as well as that after the annexation of Austria in Germany; the Austrian athletes became athletes of the Great Germany and members of Aryan sport.